Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's share!

Way back in kindergarten we started learning about sharing. I think it was one of the things we were graded on. This week has been all about sharing and how social media is making it not only easy but popular.
I've become addicted to facebook and have been posting pics of my knitting projects. I was delighted to see a message from a former co-worker asking if she could commission me to knit her a hat to wear under her bike helmet. While Florida winters are mild compared to the rest of the country it can still get a little chilly. So I whipped one up and brought it to her at work. We used that time to catch up on all the goings on. We hadn't seen each other in awhile so it was nice to reconnect. It's not just about the digital connections.
Wednesday was the day for my first attempt at a clothing swap. My boss was kind enough to let me use my office as the site for the swap. While it was not a huge success in terms of participants, those who did come had a fabulous time and everyone got some great new outfits. It was amazing how well some of the items from different donors came together for a fresh new look. We had some refreshments, I picked up cupcakes from Peace, Love and Cake with a coupon I got from Livingsocial and my friend Patty brought some of her wonderful pepperoni bread and a bottle of wine from her restaurant, Sage's. We were going to donate the clothes at the end of the night but decided to hold on to them as seed for the next swap which will be sometime in May.
I bartered some old wine corks for a pair of earrings after seeing an Alchemy request on Etsy.
Thursday was market day in downtown Largo. I love that I can walk there from my office and pick up lunch and other goodies, all while supporting my local community.
Today, my friend Sue and I are going to Pikasso’s Kiln and Kork to use another Livingsocial deal to paint some pottery and possibly have a glass of wine.
I'm working on another Etsy Alchemy request and have been exploring new possibilities with Twitter. It's amazing how one link leads to another and then another, I guess that's why they call them links.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who needs Uggs?

I am working on an upcycling project today. I bought a pair of closed toe pumps at Hospice Thrift Store for $1.99, actually bought 2 pair but the other ones I'm wearing as is, and I am proceeding to turn them into cute boots by knitting the uppers. Saw this tutorial awhile back and am having a go at it. The pair I bought had fabric uppers so I did not have to drill through the leather. They are turning out pretty good so far. The first few rows were tough, knitting around the hard surface of the shoe but it is pretty smooth sailing now. Going to end it with a ribbed top.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

List Update

I realized a couple days ago that I hadn't paid much attention to my 101 list in awhile and saw that it needed some updating, I had accomplished a few things.
77. Share a bottle of wine with someone...this was actually done quite awhile ago and twice
84. See a foreign film at a theatre....did this 6 times when I took International Cinema at Eckerd College last term (got a A-).
93. See a live show at a new venue. The Santaland Diaries (based on Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris) at The American Stage in St Pete. Hoping to go to this venue more times in the future as I have a flexpass. Also, saw Forbidden Broadway at TBPAC but I've been there before.
79. Buy no soap or shampoo 'til all the hotel samples are used. FINALLY!! Now I need to get to some hotels....trying to purchase more environmentally friendly products away from Big Box stores so I purchased a "Rosemary Mint Essential Oil Shampoo Bar 4oz packaged in a Plantable Seed Box" on Etsy. Love love love it.
59 Volunteer at Clearwater Jazz Holiday...poured wine for 3 days and then enjoyed Nate Najar and Eric Darius on Sunday night.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Exciting things are happening in the online world. Sharing is the new wave and I intend on experimenting with this new paradigm. I actually envisioned this several years ago while thinking about trying to make enough money to pay the monthly bills. If only the house were paid for there would be no need to slave away 40 hours a week for someone else. Of course, things took a 180 ° turn and now I just don't worry. Back to part of my plan borrowed from Neal Gorenflo for The Year of Living Shareably, I am going to also comment on my adventures in that arena. My first idea was to take the bus to see The King's Speech, however, the bus doesn't run that late on Sunday so I will save that one for later this week when I attempt to get to work by sharing mass transportation. Fortunately I don't really have too many timetables at work so if I miss the first one there will be another in 15 minutes. Now I did handknit a headband for my friend Loren who was also going to the movie so she paid me for it and that got me a ticket. Not really counting that since it was just coincidence that it was done in time for the show.
I did, however, barter some Tastefully Simple products and lunch for a massage last Friday....
and by the way the movie was great...two thumbs up!